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Excel School of Child Evangelism( ESCE)

Vision - “Imparting vision and passion in young minds”

Who We Are
Excel school of child evangelism started in 2010 as a response to the pressing need of trained young men and women for evangelism among children and youth. This is a neglected area in Christian ministries like church ministry. Presently two courses are being conducted- Diploma in child evangelism and Certificate in child evangelism of which DCE is a resident program and CCE is an extension one. The faculty consists of well-educated and experienced personal from Christian ministry especially the field of child evangelism. Both courses are IATA accredited
Jesus said that getting ready to do His will is as important as knowing His will (Lk12:47). This means that adequate training is mandatory to minister to children. This made the team to start an institution that exclusively trains young people for child and youth work. ESCE is the very first institution in India absolutely for evangelists in this specific area. The pressing need of Child Evangelism today is the shortage of trained people who can handle different languages. The mission of ESCE is to train enough quality leaders who could be sent to even the uttermost part of Asia
Function & Funding

ESCE functions like any other biblical training institutes. The only difference is that it gives much importance to skill development which is essential for child evangelism. A high degree of discipline and spirituality is maintained round the clock. Four kinds of formation take place as a result of one year training, ie biblical, theological, academic and ministerial.

ESCE gives scholarship to all students. Monthly expense on each student at present is Rs.3000/- of which Rs. 2000/ is bore by the team. ESCE also pays its faculty a monthly support. If more sponsors come up we could train and send more workers.

  • Train a minimum 100 students yearly
  • Have own building and other facilities
  • Establish a training center in North India

* Course Code Subject Faculty
Cource CE-R-01 1 Introduction to Christian Education Shibu K John
CE-R-02 2 Media & Communication Binu Joseph
CE-R-03 3 Child Psychology John Thomas
CE-R-04 4 Counseling John Thomas
CE-R-05 5 Mission & Evangelism Blesson Thomas
CE-R-06 6 Christian Leadership Joby K C
CE-R-07i 7i Communication Skills - English PreethiBinu
CE-R-07ii 7ii Communication Skills - Hindi Blesson Thomas
CE-R-08 8 Discipleship Samson RM
CE-R-09 9 Inductive Bible Study Shibu K John
CE-R-10 10 Homiletics Lins V Kurien
CE-R-11 11 Child Evangelism Anil P M
CE-R-12 12 Developing Skills in Child Evangelism Denny John
CE-RS-12i 12-i Gospel Magic Denny John
CE-RS-12ii 12-ii Puppet Training Babu Thomas
CE-RS-12iii 12-iiiComplete Gospel Song Package Mixed Faculties
CE-RS-12iv 12-iv Story Telling
CE-RS-12v 12-vDrawing and Coloring
CE-RS-12vi 12-viArt & Drama
CE-RS-12vii 12-viiGames and Activities
CE-RS-12viii 12-viiiGospel Through Craft
CE-RS-12ix 12-ixWriting Workshop
CE-RS-12x 12-xOrganizational Skills - SS, VBS & Clubs
CE-RS-12xi 12-xiSketch Board
MODULES CE-RM-01 1 Personality Development Binu Joseph
CE-RM-02 2 Child Rights in Church Mathew Varughese
CE-RM-03 3 Apologetics Mathew Varughese
CE-RM-04 4 Christian Ministry Shibu K John
CE-RM-05 5 Christian Stewardship Blesson Thomas
SN Type Course Code Course Titles Faculty
1 THEORY CE-E-01 Child Evangelism : Need, Importance & Scope Shibu K John
2 CE-E-02 Media & Communication Binu Joseph
3 CE-E-03 Child Evangelism : Leading Children to Christ Anil P M
4 CE-E-04 Christian Leadership Joby K C
5 CE-E-05 Christian Education : Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation Samson R M
6 DEVELOPING SKILLS CE-E-06 Media & Communication Blesson Thomas
7 CE-ES-01 Puppet Training Babu Thomas
8 CE-ES-02 Gospel Magic Denny John
9 CE-ES-03 Complete Gospel Song Package Gladson James
CE-ES-04 Story Telling
CE-ES-05 Games and Activities
CE-ES-06 Gospel Through Craft
CE-ES-07 Drawing and Coloring
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