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Excel Club

Excel clubs were started as an offshoot of Excel VBS. Thus Excel Clubs bridge the gap between two VBS seasons. Small gatherings of children under adult leadership are started at many places where the VBS is once conducted. These clubs are platforms where children’s spirituality is nurtured, character is formulated and talents are tested.


“All the Truth for all the Youth”


Among all the living species human beings only has the longest span of childhood. This means that children need utmost love, care, support and nurturing in all the four dimensions of development – physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Excel club is committed to provide quality follow up programs post VBS aimed at total development of children.


Club in every village in Kerala by 2020

To build up quality Christian leaders for VBS and other ministries through clubs

To empower the club members so that they may be acting as catalysts for social transformation.

Function & Funding

Excel clubs are functioned in order to facilitate follow-up works among children and youth. This is achieved by starting new clubs at places where VBS is already conducted. We have identified many churches and places where not even a Sunday school exists. Through excel clubs local churches can effectively be involved in children’s ministry in their locality. We provide necessary leadership and materials as and when required. These clubs are registered with the office and Rs 50 is collected from each member. Half of this amount is submitted in the office along with duly filled application forms. Each local clubs are eligible for a certificate from Excel once 3 months are completed.

The local clubs function autonomously with a minimum strength of 5 people and not more than 9. The office bearers must include Patron (above 50yrs of age), President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The greatest outcome of Excel Clubs is that through them the evangelistic work of the local churches is widened and the kingdom of God is expanded.

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