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Excel Media & Publications

This department is responsible for recording & production of audio & video CDs and publication of books and periodicals for children and youth. These media are made available in Malayalam, Hindi and English. We also produce and telecast quality programs for children through TV channels like Powervision . Kilikoodu is a popular children’s program aired in Powervision which has completed 300 episodes. We also have a Youtube channel where a glimpse of all our works are made available.


Media is of greatest influence to all the people especially in young ones. Gospel Media has the power to reach the unreached and transform the hard- hearted. So Excel Media believes in the principle that the way to a child’s heart is through his senses. Gospel stories, songs, moral lessons etc are once converted in to electronic and print media can reach thousands of children and youths around the globe irrespective of any geographical boundaries.


“Pure media for purity of Children”

Function & Funding

Audio & Video CDs are recorded and distributed by the excel media team. Every year three titles for children, one for youth and few worship DVDs are released. Prior to the production, we invite lyrics and music from team members and general public. A board selects and finalizes the required songs and sends it for recording. We also have a group of young singers including children. These audio CDs are later made into video CDs by an appointed production team that consists of a script writer, Director etc. These CDs and VCDs are then distributed to churches and Christian bookshops. We also publish books based on various topics suited for children, youth and parents. Training materials for VBS directors, Sunday school teachers and youth leaders are also published by excel media. Though we have people who author books for our specific needs, writers from outside also 3are conditionally accepted. We also undertake writing of Biographies for those who are desirous.

This project is funded by volunteer donations, sponsoring, advertisement and through sales.

Audio CDs

Sl No Title Topic
1 Ente ee kunju hridayam Children songs MP3
2 Pumbatta Kunjungal Children songs MP3
3 Anadamam Nin Jeevitham Songs of Hope
4 Jothissu pol Worship Songs
5 Neethi sooryan yeshu Worship Songs
6 Athmavam vazhi katti Worship Songs
7 Daiva Sanidyam Worship Songs

Video CDs

Sl No Title Topic
1 We shout Action Video CD
2 Neelimala kattile ente koottukar Puppet Video CD
3 Kunji Tharangal Puppet Video CD
4 Funny & Friends Puppet Video CD
5 Thalibajavo – Hindi Action Video CD
6 Ullasa yathra Action Video CD
7 Snehayathra Action Video CD
8 Mazhavillu Action Video CD
9 Little Friends Action Video CD
10 Little Friends – English Action Video CD
11 Happy Kids Kids Animation
12 Kunji Pookal Action Video CD
13 Swapna Yathra Action Video CD


Sl No Title Author Topic Price Status
1 Ningalkum sadyamanu (Malayalam) Binu Joseph Spiritual/ Inspiration 150 4th ed/available
2 Vijam nichayam (Malayalam) Binu Joseph Spiritual/ Inspiration 80 Out of stock
3 Ethra nannai jeevikam (Malayalam) Binu Joseph Spiritual/ Inspiration 60 Out of stock
4 Njangal anubhavicha swargeeya santhosham (Malayalam) Binu Joseph Biography 60 Out of stock
5 Pranayathinte Nerkazhchakal Finny Philip Youth/ Counselling 100 available
6 Descions make your future ( English) Binu Joseph Youth/ Counselling 100 available
7 Moses picture story book Binu Onallur Children 20 available
8 Noha Picture story book George Koshy George Koshy 20 Out of stock
9 Kuttikalanu Tharam Joby KC Children/ Youth 100 available
10 Jeevitha vijayam Children/ Youth 5 available
11 Kunjungale Engane Nannai valrtham Teachers/ Parents
12 Bala suvisheshikaranthinu oru marga darshi Binu Joseph
13 Vivahathinu munpu ariyan
14 Makkal Daivathinte Dhanam
15 Jeevithathil Nooril Nooru Snehithan Team Students Available
16 Nooru Meni Shibu K John General Available
17 Nooril Nooru Shibu K John Students Available
18 Vidhyarthikal Ariyan Liza Vijayan Students Available
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