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Excel youth fellowship

Excel youth fellowship emerged as a result of the need for providing continuous Christian teaching to the grown up children. Teens and youth consist of 30% our society. Growing juvenile crimes in the country, potential of youth etc are reasons enough for ministering to this crucial age group. Gen X and Excel HORIZON are the two major subsidiaries of Excel youth fellowship.


“Education through Edification”


Excel youth fellowship aimed at providing spiritual and moral edification to teens and youth. EYF also conducts camps, classes and evangelistic programs for youth. In the Bible and in the history of missions, teens and youth have been of great missiological significance. Thus the future of ministry and mission in India depends on this age group to a great extent. EYF is working towards this goal.

Function & Funding

Youth fellowship groups are started at different places under Excel direct leadership. Weekly/fortnightly/monthly meetings are conducted in the local area in churches or rented halls. Apart from music, games & activities, strong classes based on the Bible are given to the participants. They not only enjoy the sessions but also go home transformed.

Gen X and Excel HORIZON are the two major subsidiaries; Gen X gives training to people interested in youth ministry and they will in turn found permanent network in their own local area. Excel HORIZON is a project exclusively for secondary and higher secondary students. Counselling, exam and career guidance etc. are given to this group at schools at a nominal rate.

The local committee is responsible for the conduct of the program. They are to raise funds for the program through offerings & donations, maintain accounts and submit the same to the office quarterly.

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